Bring this coupon and a copy of a price quote from any United States Internet pharmacy and we will sell you the product for 50 cents less than their quote.


With the current economic crisis we have become aware that some of our clients are trying to save expense by purchasing their pet's medication for preventive therapy and for chronic conditions on the internet. We certainly understand the economic pressure causing this. However we also know that, since none of the major manufacturers will sell directly to internet pharmacies in the United States, the medication obtained through this channel is with a high degree of likelihood diverted or obtained through the "grey market." Our recommendations for treatment and preventive care of our patients are dependent on knowing the medications used are ethical and effective. We do not have confidence this is the case with medications purchased through questionable channels. If you doubt this, ask the phone operator at one of these businesses who the supplier of their product is.

This offer is limited to preventive products for Heartworm prevention, flea and tick prevention, and chronic pain relief medication. Examples would be such things as Advantage, Heartguard, or Rimadyl. Unlike many internet pharmacies the products we sell will be backed by any available manufacturers guarantee, and will be purchased through legitimate channels. The offer is limited to products that we carry and have in stock. We reserve the right to verify the price quote you provide and will not honor it if it is not consistent with what the current price is on the internet site.

Any medication we dispense or write a prescription for requires that we have a current client patient doctor relationship with you and your pet. This means we have to have seen your pet within the last 6 months and believe the medication requested is in the best interest of your pet. If your pet has any medical condition that we feel may cause the medication to be contraindicated, this will of course result in our refusing to either dispense the medication or provide a prescription for its purchase elsewhere.

If you choose to not take advantage of this offer and still prefer to use an internet pharmacy, our policy is to write you a prescription for your pet's medication that you can then choose to use wherever you desire. We do not fax nor authorize prescriptions by phone.

This offer is available only to clients of our veterinary hospital, it is not available to others over the internet.

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